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Blockchain‐Based Cyber Physical Trust Systems

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Beckmann, A., Milne, A., Razafindrakoto, J.‐J., Kumar, P., Breach, M. and Preining, N.
In IoT Security (eds M. Liyanage, A. Braeken, P. Kumar and M. Ylianttila), Wiley, 265 - 277.
Publication year: 2019

Cyber Physical Trust Systems (CPTS) are Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things enriched with trust as an explicit, measurable, testable system component. In this chapter, we propose to use blockchain technology as the trust enabling system component for CPTS. Our proposed approach shows that a blockchain based CPTS achieves the security properties of data authenticity, identity and integrity. We describe results of a testbed which implements a blockchain based CPTS for physical asset management.