Cao, Q., Beden, S., Beckmann, A.
Computers in Industry, 135, 103574
Publication year: 2022

Following the trend of Industry 4.0, the business model of steel manufacturing is transforming from a historical inwardly focused supplier/customer relationship to one that embraces the wider end-to-end supply chain and improves productivity more holistically. However, the data and information required for supply chain planning and steelmaking process modelling are normally distributed over scattered sources across organisation boundaries and research communities. This leads to a major problem concerning semantic interoperability. To address this issue, this paper introduces a Com- mon Reference Ontology for Steelmaking (CROS). CROS serves as a shared steelmaking resource and capability model that aims to facilitate knowledge modelling, knowledge sharing and information management. In contrast to most of the existing steelmaking ontologies which merely focus on conceptual modelling, our work pays special attention to the real-world implementation and utilisation aspects of CROS. The functionality and usefulness of CROS is evaluated and tested on a real-world condition-based monitoring and maintenance task for cold rolling mills at Tata Steel in the United Kingdom.